Asset Recovery Programs

Experienced Auctioneers and Project Managers

KD Auctions LLC has experienced Auctioneers and Project Managers who will handle every aspect of your auction, regardless of the type of auction you choose.  Once you make the decision to hold an auction, one of our Project Managers will contact you to start the process.  From there we will handle such details as valuation of machinery, inventory, inspections, pricing and marketing, and finally removal.
Below you will find a summary of the types of auctions we provide:

These are auctions that are held at the premises of the property being sold.  This type of auction is open to the public, which includes proxy bidders. (proxy bid form) For those wishing to participate in an On-Site Auction, but are unable to appear in person, we also offer online bidding via Webcast.  By logging on to the KD Auctions website, a bid may be placed in real time, online and may compete with in-person bidders.  The specific terms of your auction will be finalized with your Project Manager.



We also offer Online Auctions which are completely autonomous.  When you choose an Online Auction, everything will take place over the internet.  The bidders will be able to view each items picture and place bids all from the convenience of their computer.  The bidders will also be able to enable features such as auto-bid which will have their computer bid for them until a specific limit is reached (which is set by the bidder).  The bidder will also be notified by email in the event they are outbid.

This is a method of sale where confidential bids are submitted to be opened at a predetermined place and time. Bidders do not have the option to counter-bid.  Please refer to your Project Manager for specific terms on Sealed Bid Auctions.



In addition to our other auction formats, we are also able to assist you with selling your assets by setting up a selling and pricing strategy.  We are still able to assist with the valuation of your machinery, inventory, inspections, pricing, marketing, and finally removal.  The “Private Treaty” format caters to situations where there are a small number of potential buyers who may have an interest in acquiring unique high value items, specific manufacturing production lines or entire businesses.

Please be sure to review our Terms and Conditions