Logistics & Removal



KD Auctions has the resources to assist Buyers with professional and reliable riggers and freight brokers.  It is our goal to ensure your transaction happens in a timely manner with professional results.   You may use your own rigging and/or freight companies,(unless otherwise specified in lot terms) or we are happy to provide you with some competitive third party options.



It is Buyer’s sole responsibility to remove purchases from KDAUCTIONS announced Seller’s location within the required number of days (as published in each item/lots auction) of the auction, unless additional time is agreed to by KDAUCTIONS in writing. Buyer bears the sole responsibility to remove the items purchased in a safe and professional manner and Buyer agrees to accept all liability for any damages to persons and/or property caused during such removal, whether caused by Buyer’s negligence or not. Buyer is required to comply with any and all safety requirements for the removal of all machinery and equipment. Buyer must maintain and provide Seller with any and all appropriate insurance certificates protecting Seller, Landlord and KDAUCTIONS from any claims resulting from Buyer’s actions. If Buyer uses the services of any third party rigger or machinery mover, it is Buyer’s and Seller’s responsibilities to make sure that acceptable insurance policies are in place covering all parties involved. KDAUCTIONS reserves the right to charge storage for all items not removed after the deadline, including all costs incurred to move the items to other suitable locations, if necessary. Items/lots not removed within thirty (30) days of the auction will be considered abandoned by the Buyer and KDAUCTIONS is authorized to re-sell those items as it sees fit, retaining the sales proceeds.