Equipment Location: 1940 Lafayette St. UNIT E Santa Clara, CA 95050
Type: Online
Start: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 11:00 AM PST
Inspection / Preview: Morning of Sale from 8:00 am to 11:00 am

Ultra Precision CNC Machining Facility “Mfg of Precision Medical Product”, Location: Santa Clara, CA | In Conjunction with American Auctioneers Group

Santa Clara, CA

Precision CNC Machining & Fabrication CNC Turning & Milling/Turning

2007 Hyundai – Kia SKT21LM Live Turret CNC Turning Center s/n SKT21LM-0348 w/ Fanuc Series 0i-TC Controls, Tool Presetter, 12-Station Live Turret, 4000 RPM, Hydraulic Tailstock, 2.56” Thru Spindle Bore, “C” Axis, Chip Conveyor, High Pressure Coolant, 8” 3-Jaw Power Chuck, 5C Collet Closer
2005 KIA “Super Kia Turn 15L M” Live Turret CNC Turning Center s/n SKT15LMS086 w/ Fanuc Series 0i-TB Controls, 20Hp Motor, Tool Presetter, 12-Station Live Turret, 6000 RPM, Sub-Spindle, Full “C” Axis, 5 Degree Sub-Spindle Indexing, 1.75” Thru Spindle Bore, Parts Catcher, High Pressure Coolant, 6” 3-Jaw Power Chuck on Main Spindle, 5.3” 3-Jaw Chuck on Sub Spindle, 16C and 5C Collet Closers for Main Spindle, Chip Conveyor.
2000 Akira Seiki SL-35 CNC Turning Center s/n 00TE094-073 w/ Fanuc Series 0-T Controls, 12-Station Turret, Tailstock, Hand Wheel, 3” Thru Spindle Bore,10” 3-Jaw Power Chuck, 16C Collet Nose, Chip Conveyor, Coolant.
1999 Promax mdl. LG1743 17” x 43” Geared Head Gap Bed Lathe s/n 93002 w/ Sony DRO, 35-2000 RPM, Inch/ mm Threading, Tailstock, Steady Rest, Tool Post, 10” 3-Jaw Chuck, 5C Collet Closer, Coolant.
Leten mdl. LCM-400A 16” Vertical Band Saw s/n 400486 w/ Blade Welder.MSC 7” Metal Cutting Band Saw s/n 372817 w/ Manual Clamping, Work Stop, Coolant.
Milwaukee 14” Abrasive Cutoff Saw.
2007 Kaeser mdl. SX6 5Hp Rotary Air Compressor s/n 2177 w/ 21 CFM @ 110 PSIG, 4492 Metered Hours.
2005 Kaeser mdl. TAH6 Refrigerated Air Dryer s/n 1060.
Baldor Pedestal Carbide Tool Grinder.
Delta 8” Bench Grinder.
Delta 4” Belt Sander.
Phase II Arbor Press.
(30)16C Collets.
(200)5C Collets.
Flex Collets.
Insert Turning and Boring Tooling w/ Carbide Inserts (3)Huot Drill Cabinets.
Drills, Taps, Reamers and Perishable Tooling.
MicroVu mdl. 500HP Bench Model Optical Comparator s/n 20792.
Mitutoyo 18” Dial Height Gage.
Mitutoyo 24” Digital Caliper.
Mitutoyo 12” Dial Caliper.
Mitutoyo 10”-11”, 7”-8”, 6”-7”, 5”-6”, 4”-5” OD Mics.
Pin Gages .061-.916”.
Thread Ring and Plug Gages.
Stndridge 36” x 36” x 5 ½” Granite Surface Plate w/ Stand.
12” x 18” x 3” Granite Surface Plate.